Are Gas Ovens Expensive to Run?

When deciding whether to buy a gas oven for your home, there are several factors to consider, including the availability of gas lines. However, one crucial aspect that many people ponder is the cost of running a gas oven.

The cost of operating a gas oven is relatively low, although it may vary depending on the location. The average cost of natural gas in the United States is $0.95 per therm, which results in an estimated cost of about $0.17 per hour to run a gas oven based on the energy rate of the unit.

Understanding the cost of running a gas oven can assist you in determining whether or not to switch. Continue reading to discover the disparity in expenses between a gas oven and an electric oven, as well as whether it is truly worthwhile.

Is a Gas Oven More Expensive Than an Electric Oven?

Compared to electric ovens, gas ovens are typically cheaper to run as natural gas is abundant and therefore less expensive than electricity.

While the presence of a pilot light or an ignition switch may cause slight variations in the average cost, gas ovens are still more affordable than their electric counterparts. The comparison of costs will also depend on the energy rating of the gas oven and/or the wattage of the electric oven.

When calculating the expense of operating a gas oven, utility companies typically utilize therms as the unit of measurement for natural gas. Although BTUs (British Thermal Units) are more commonly known when discussing natural gas, it is crucial to comprehend that one therm is equivalent to 100,000 BTUs.

Moreover, the computation of electricity cost involves multiplying the average wattage consumption of the appliance by the duration of usage in hours per day, resulting in kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed. The product is then multiplied by the standard rate to determine the total cost.

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Displayed in the table below is a comparison between a gas oven operating at its average energy rating and an electric oven running at the average wattage rating. It should be emphasized that the current average electricity cost in the United States is $0.13, which is then multiplied by the kilowatt-hours consumed during oven operation.

Type of Oven Average Cost Per Hour Average Cost Per Week Average Cost Per Month Average Cost Per Year
Gas Oven $0.17 $1.19 $4.76 $57.12
Electric Oven  $0.39 $2.73 $11.70 $140.40

It is evident that utilizing a gas oven is considerably cheaper than utilizing an electric oven. However, it should be noted that despite both being economical choices, numerous individuals prefer to install gas ovens in their residences.

Is a Gas Oven Worth It?

When determining the value of purchasing a gas oven, several factors should be taken into account. In addition to comprehending the expense disparity between a gas and electric oven, it is crucial to acquaint oneself with other considerations.

Gas ovens are favored by many professional cooks because they offer greater reliability in cooking dishes evenly and provide more control and flexibility when preparing a variety of meals, making them an essential tool in professional kitchens.

Non-experts also appreciate the advantage of having greater control over rapid heating options provided by a gas oven, resulting in reduced waiting time as compared to electric ovens.

If your home is equipped for it, buying a gas oven has the benefit of quicker preheating due to the open flame, resulting in more efficient meal preparation.

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Furthermore, the initial expenses may lead certain individuals to opt for an electric oven instead of a gas one, as the cost of a gas oven can be higher depending on the brand, unit size, and ratings. Nevertheless, considering the long-term analysis, it is undoubtedly beneficial to invest in a gas oven.

There are concerns about the safety of gas ovens and whether they are worth the associated risks, but ultimately, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. It is crucial to take numerous precautions, such as having a professional handle installation and inspection.

Generally, a gas oven can be considered safe as long as proper precautions are taken, such as ensuring it is functioning correctly and promptly leaving the premises and calling for assistance if a gas leak is suspected.

What to Look for When Buying a New Gas Stove

When deciding to purchase a new gas stove, it is crucial to consider important factors as it is a significant investment that will be utilized by you and your family for many years.

While price, size, and compatibility with other appliances are common features to consider when choosing a gas oven, there are other equally important factors to take into account. Opting for an advanced model over a standard one can significantly impact not only the cost but also the performance of the appliance.

If you are buying a new gas stove for your home, here are some characteristics that you should consider:

  • When shopping for gas stoves, it is important to prioritize size as you may have limited space available, therefore measuring the area beforehand is crucial.
  • Considering the price is crucial when purchasing a gas oven as most individuals have a limited budget, and modern gas ovens come with various features that can increase their cost.
  • While the style of the gas oven model is a factor in determining its cost, there are certain features that you may prioritize over others. These models come in different styles, ranging from standard to professional-grade, and one of the factors to consider is their BTU energy ratings, which usually correlate with higher costs.
  • Although often disregarded, having a cleaning function in your oven is a useful feature to possess as it saves you from the hassle of frequently scrubbing the interior of the oven.
  • With the availability of automatic ignition switches, you no longer need to use a match or lighter to ignite the burner, and you can conveniently automate the process of lighting your burners or oven while cooking.
  • There are several useful features that come with gas ovens, including a front display window for easy monitoring, multiple racks for multitasking, and various controls such as clocks and timers.
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If you are unfamiliar with what to look for, finding a new gas stove can be difficult. While having extra features is nice, it is more important to prioritize the right size and cost. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure that your new oven is installed correctly and functioning properly before using it for the first time.

Although gas ovens may have a higher initial cost compared to several electric ovens, their long-term expense is typically justified.

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