Does Air Fried Food Taste as Good as Deep Fried Food?

With the release of Supersize Me, concerns about the health risks associated with consuming fried foods have been raised, leading fast food chains to explore alternative cooking techniques such as air frying which has gained popularity.

When it comes to the taste of air fried food compared to deep-fried food, it’s subjective, but there is a discernible difference as the flavor from fat is less prominent in air fried food.

Despite numerous sales letters asserting that the taste of air-fried and deep-fried foods are almost indistinguishable, the reality is not as palatable. Those who love frying should be aware of the distinct flavor characteristics of each technique.

Does Air Fried Food Taste as Good as Deep Fried Food?

The taste of air fried food compared to deep-fried food depends on one’s preference for the flavor of fat. The distinct flavor profile of fat adds depth to a dish, which is why it is favored by many. However, air frying lacks the fatty flavor that is present in traditional deep-fried dishes.

If you enjoy the rich, almost creamy taste of oil, then you may not find air fried food to be as delicious as deep-fried food. However, if greasy foods disgust you, then you are likely to prefer using an air fryer.

What Does Air Fried Food Taste Like, Compared To Deep Fried Food?

If you have never tasted food cooked in an air fryer, it may be difficult to imagine the flavor of “oil-less frying.” Fortunately, there is a useful comparison that can be found at your nearby supermarket.

If you want to know how air fried food compares to deep-fried food, you can try a bag of baked potato chips from most grocery stores. If you like the taste of baked chips, it’s likely that you’ll also enjoy air fried food.

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If Air Frying Can Lack Flavor, Why Is Air Frying Becoming Popular? 

The primary motivation for people to use an air fryer in their homes is typically related to the following factors:

  • For those who aim to steer clear of high-calorie and deep-fried food, air fried food can be a viable option as it contains about 1/3 fewer calories and fat than deep-fried food while still providing a comparable crunch and taste, making it an indulgence without the guilt for many people on a diet.
  • Many people avoid deep-frying because of the messy cleanup it requires, which can involve scrubbing congealed oil out of a fryer, making air frying a more appealing option.
  • Using a deep fryer can be dangerous and lead to burns or fires, which is why some individuals may feel uneasy about using one and prefer to avoid deep frying altogether.
  • Some individuals are fatigued with oily fried dishes, which is a significant concern. Many people prefer not to dab their food before consuming it, leading them to switch to air frying.
  • For some chefs, the high temperature in the kitchen caused by deep fryers can be unbearable, while air fryers are a more temperature-friendly alternative.

Why Is There A Difference In Flavor Between Air Frying And Deep Frying?

The main difference between air frying and deep frying lies in the use of oil. While air frying doesn’t involve oil, deep frying relies heavily on it. Undeniably, the flavor of food is affected by the use of oil.

During frying, the oil penetrates the food, including vegetable oil that has a mild and creamy taste, which is then transferred to the food.

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How Oil’s Addition Further Impacts Food

Although the taste of oil is not very strong, it can significantly enhance the flavor of food by bringing out the savory or umami profiles that people enjoy.

Restaurants often use cheese, butter, and oil excessively in their dishes as they act as a carrier of flavor, which is why.

Is Air Frying Really Frying? 

From a technical standpoint, air frying cannot be considered a type of frying since it does not involve the use of oil to transfer heat into food. Instead, air frying is more akin to baking in a convection oven.

Essentially, air frying produces a slightly crispier texture than traditional baking, which is why it is marketed as a form of “frying,” making it a clever marketing strategy.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Make Air Fried Food Taste Like Deep Fried Food?

Air frying versus deep-frying is a debatable topic, and if air frying could produce the same outcomes as deep-frying, then most eateries would discard their fryers without hesitation; however, the reality is that air frying cannot replace a deep fryer no matter what you do.

However, there are certain techniques that individuals can employ to enhance the flavor of air-fried food and make it resemble traditional deep-fried dishes to some extent:

  • To achieve a comparable “fried kick” in air fried dishes, one can consider increasing the amount of salt used in their recipes.
  • Freezing food after dipping it in liquid batter before frying is not suitable for air fryers, which are excellent at giving a fried taste to foods. However, there is a solution to this problem – freeze the battered food first and then use an air fryer to cook it.
  • To enhance the flavor and retain moisture, you can consider spraying some olive oil on your food before air frying, provided you are willing to add oil to your food.
  • Pay attention to the condiments. For many fried dishes, the crispy texture is mainly a means of delivering the sauce to your taste buds. Occasionally, simply adding an extra dollop of sauce can suffice.
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What Are The Best Foods To Cook With An Air Fryer?

When aiming for a genuine deep-fried taste, it can be simpler to opt for foods that are recognized for their compatibility with air fryers, such as:

  • French fries
  • Southern fried chicken
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Fried pickles
  • Fried fish and shrimp

However, if you are truly dedicated to the art of frying, it is worth noting that having an air fryer can provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with various recipes and innovative techniques for producing delicious dishes.

If your preferred food is not included in the available options for air frying, don’t worry. Instead of assuming that your favorite foods cannot be cooked using an air fryer, consider it as an opportunity to experiment. By discovering more about what your air fryer can do, you will improve your cooking skills and become more satisfied with the outcomes.

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