Is Sous Vide The Same As Boiling?

The popularity of sous vide cooking has increased as more people are interested in trying it out, but some may question if it is any different from boiling since it appears to involve submerging vacuum-sealed food in boiling water.

Is there any similarity between sous vide and boiling?

Although often compared, sous vide and boiling are distinct cooking methods. Sous vide involves sealing food in bags to prevent water from diluting its flavor, while boiling requires direct contact between the food and water. Additionally, sous vide is a low-temperature technique that preserves the taste and texture of the food.

Chances are, you’re familiar with the accolades that come with sous vide. Statements such as “The taste of sous vide food is unparalleled” and “Sous vide allows me to prepare a delectable dinner while I’m at my job” are common.

If you’re curious to learn more, this article will demonstrate the distinctions between sous vide and boiling, and provide an overview of the fundamentals of this captivating cooking technique.

We’ll also take a look at how dissimilar sous vide is from boiling, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth trying.

How Is Sous Vide Different From

Sous vide and boiling differ not only in the tools they use but also in their processes, resulting in varying outcomes.

Examine the distinctions between sous vide and boiling:

  • Sous vide is a low-temperature cooking technique, while boiling is done by reaching the boiling point of a liquid.
  • Sous vide is a cooking method that requires minimal attention, whereas boiling without supervision can result in burnt food.
  • Sous vide requires minimal water, whereas boiling may require a significant amount of water due to its high evaporation rate.

It is evident that sous vide and boiling in a bag are not the same. Sous vide involves the use of a specialized machine with controls that enable specific outcomes that cannot be achieved through boiling. However, what makes this technique beneficial for you?

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What Are The Advantages Of Sous
Vide Cooking?

Despite hearing the praises, you may still question whether sous vide is truly as remarkable as they say and if it’s even necessary in your life. To determine if this cooking technology is suitable for you, consider examining its advantages.


When using traditional cooking methods, achieving a flawless cook is often impossible, resulting in food that is inconsistently cooked and requiring acceptance of such imperfections.

Nevertheless, as sous vide requires the food to be consistently immersed in water at a constant temperature, achieving a flawlessly cooked steak is now possible without worrying about multiple variables.

Restaurants can consistently create the same food outcomes for their patrons using sous vide, allowing customers to return and enjoy the identical dish they had previously due to precise temperature and time management.


Knowing the perfect temperature and cooking time for a steak, what would prevent you from achieving the ideal result?

Using sous vide, consistency can be achieved by maintaining the same temperature and timeline, ensuring that the outcome produced yesterday will be replicated today. This technique enables even novice cooks to achieve professional-grade results in their own kitchens.

Retention Of Nutrients, Taste,
And Moisture

Due to the process of vacuum sealing, oxidation is prevented which helps in retaining the moisture, nutrients, and rich taste of the food. Additionally, any flavors added to the bag are absorbed by the food without any interruption.

Food cooked using the sous vide method is typically moist and tender, with a texture that is enjoyable to eat. This is due to the fact that the food retains much of its moisture during cooking, resulting in a steak, for example, that remains almost the same size as it was when raw. It’s no wonder that many people find sous vide cooking to be incredibly delicious.


Consider this scenario: you use the sous vide method to cook your meal, leave for work, and return home to discover that dinner is prepared to perfection and delicious.

Unlike traditional cooking methods that demand constant attention, sous vide allows you to commence preparing your meal while enjoying your morning meal, freeing you from concerns about a hectic schedule.

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Suitable For Mass Production

If you’re worried about cooking a large steak for your party, sous vide allows you to effortlessly prepare big portions of food by immersing them in a water bath.

Any Sous Vide Disadvantages?

Is sous vide cooking equivalent to boiling? While it may not be entirely perfect, the only drawback of sous vide is its lengthy cooking time, which can take up to three times longer than traditional methods, with some dishes taking 45 minutes instead of 15. As a result, when it comes to time constraints, sous vide may not be practical.

So, What Do I Need For Sous Vide

If you are interested in trying sous vide cooking, you may be wondering how to begin. Here is everything you need to get started with sous vide.

Food Containers

When cooking sous vide, it is necessary to use bags that are airless to guarantee a smooth transfer of temperature from the water bath, as well as other benefits related to nutrients and flavor; however, a vacuum sealer is not mandatory.

To eliminate air from the plastic, you have the option of submerging it in the water bath to force out the air, using a straw to extract the air, or utilizing a vacuum sealer.

You can

  • Food-grade vacuum sealing bags.
    These sous vide-safe Foodsaver bags are some of the
    best out there.
  • Canning jars. You can use these
    for deserts, beans, and other foods that mostly pack well in canning jars.
    Beware of a thermal shock though. You can utilize these mason jars or any that you already own.
  • For sous vide, any heavy-duty, BPA-free resealable bags or jars can be utilized.
  • Silicon bags. You can get reusable
    silicone sous vide cooking bags like these from Platinum Pure. These are meant to handle sous
    vide masterfully, so you might want to start with them if you don’t desire the
    other options.

Sous Vide Water Bath Containers

If you prefer to monitor your water levels and
make precise measurements, get a dedicated sous vide container. However, you can also use
the pots you have at home as long as you can mount the sous vide machine on its
walls. Speaking of the machine:

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Sous Vide Cooking Device

The sous vide machine is the primary equipment used in this cooking method. Although it was previously limited to professional kitchens, it is now accessible to anyone interested in effortless and exceptional cooking techniques.

The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano
is one of the most popular sous vide cooking devices in the market. It is made
in the USA — a promise of quality to many users. Most importantly, it comes
equipped with the necessary features that impress even the most skilled sous
vide chefs.

You can also choose the new, improved Wi-Fi
model from Anova Culinary

Cooking With Sous Vide Plastics Safe?

It can be intimidating to cook with plastic, but the producers of sous vide plastic guarantee that their products are strong and secure. Studies have been conducted and the Food Drug Administration has declared these packages as safe. Just make sure you get the right plastics.

Do Bacteria And Other Pathogens
Die In The Sous Vide Low Heat?

Another safety concern arises regarding Sous Vide cooking. While the low heat may not instantly kill bacteria, the chances of their survival decrease as the containers create a vacuum by eliminating air.

Consistent exposure to temperatures of 135 degrees Fahrenheit and above can destroy most bacteria, making sous vide even safer than many other conventional cooking techniques.

Final Thoughts

Although there is one disadvantage, sous vide still has more advantages than not, so if you have been questioning whether it is worth it or not, now you are aware of its benefits and the one drawback that can be overcome.

When considering the value of sous vide, it is generally worthwhile for many individuals as it is a cost-effective method that provides highly nutritious and delicious food, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life. Share your thoughts on whether you would be willing to try sous vide in the comments section.

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