My Nutribullet Blender Is Smoking

When using your Nutribullet blender to make healthy and tasty smoothies, it is unexpected to witness smoke and detect a burning odor emanating from the appliance.

When your Nutribullet blender emits smoke, it indicates a malfunction in the motor or other mechanical components. This could be due to overloading the food cup or running the blender for an extended period, causing the motor to become strained. Alternatively, if your blender is old, parts like the gasket, blades, or bearings may have worn out.

To the consumer, a Nutribullet blender is a straightforward device, consisting of a food container, a button to press, and a blade. Simply fill the cup with fruits, vegetables, and other components, add liquid,  push the button, and the blade will do its job transforming it all into an appetizing beverage.

The blade plays a vital role in the process as it interacts with both the food and the motor assembly, which comprises various mechanical components like bearings and brushes.

The Nutribullet is capable of handling a variety of tasks, but certain activities can place excessive strain on the blade and, as a result, the motor.

For instance, coffee beans, breakfast cereals, or grains may be too tough for the standard blade, also referred to as the extractor blade. When the blade attempts to grind items like these, the motor could become impaired.

When dealing with tough ingredients such as nuts, it is recommended to utilize a specific type of blade known as a milling blade.

The Nutribullet user guide cautions against using the blender as an ice crusher or blending without liquids. It also advises that ingredients should not be processed for more than one minute at a time due to the potential of friction on the blade.

Excessive strain on the motor can lead to parts of the motor grinding against each other, resulting in smoke.

Age can also contribute to the deterioration of the blender’s motor, as the constant use and movement of its parts over time will eventually cause wear and tear, regardless of whether or not you have followed the Nutribullet’s usage instructions.

Regardless of the situation, smoke should not be coming out of the Nutribullet. If the device is brand new, it should be covered by a warranty that lasts for one year and protects against manufacturing and material defects.

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If your Nutribullet Blender is producing smoke and it’s an older model, it’s advisable to discontinue using it as it requires either repair or replacement.

What Do You Do When Your Blender Starts Smoking?

Should you observe smoke emanating from your Nutribullet, there is no need to be alarmed as it is unlikely to ignite, although some hazards may exist.

If there is any indication of smoke or a burning smell, it is important to promptly switch off or disconnect the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet has a built-in thermal breaker that will automatically shut down the motor in case of overheating, minimizing the risk of fire. However, unplugging the blender from its power source is still the most secure course of action.

Once you have unplugged it safely, carefully examine your blender for any signs of damage by removing the blade component and food cup and inspecting them closely.

Ensure that the blade is tidy and clear of any fragments. If the blade appears to be exhausted or blunt, it’s necessary to substitute it.

Examine the gasket, a rubber ring connected to the interior of the plastic extractor blade part, as it could be the cause of the smoke if it is worn out.

Removing the gasket from the blade assembly of the Nutribullet could result in irreversible harm that leads to leakage since it is not intended to be detachable.

The Nutribullet guidebook suggests that you clean the gasket with a 10% vinegar and water mixture, or lemon juice. If the gasket is loose, damaged, or worn out, you must replace the entire extractor blade assembly.

Although it is possible to disassemble the power base and examine the motor, this action is not advisable. The motor and other components are closely packed, and unless you possess the necessary expertise, you may exacerbate the issue.

Furthermore, disassembling the appliance may cancel the warranty if it is still valid.

Smoke could also originate from a damaged motor or any of its components.

Why Does My Nutribullet Smell Like Its Burning?

If you notice a burning smell when using your Nutribullet, even if you don’t see any smoke, there may be an issue.

If you detect a burning odor emanating from your Nutribullet, it could be a sign of an issue with the gasket, which can become overheated and emit a burning rubber scent if you blend for an extended period or fail to add sufficient liquid.

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The Nutribullet user manual provides directions for blending that include the following:

  • Ensure that the cup is filled up to the maximum line or not exceeding 2/3 of its capacity
  • Avoid using liquids that are hot or at a high temperature
  • Avoid using carbonated drinks.
  • It is recommended to avoid blending for longer than 1 minute at a time.
  • It is recommended not to blend continuously for more than three 1-minute intervals.
  • It is recommended to pause blending after three cycles and let the ingredients cool down.

If you detect a burning odor while blending, stop pressing the button right away and let everything cool down.

Can A Smoking Nutribullet Be Repaired?

If your Nutribullet Blender starts smoking, before discarding it, you can explore several online resources that offer DIY instructions on how to fix it. However, the question remains whether repairing it yourself is a wise decision considering its high cost.

If you possess knowledge about small appliances and electric motors, you can attempt to fix a smoking Nutribullet blender. Although the company does not offer official motor parts, comparable parts are available for purchase on the internet. In case of wear and tear, blade replacement is a simple task.

With moderate usage, the extractor blade typically has a lifespan of around six months, after which it will begin to wear down and its efficiency may decrease.

It is a simple solution to the issue of a smoking Nutribullet blender. You have the option to purchase extractor blades for your Nutribullet from various online retailers or directly from the company, with prices ranging between $15 and $20.

If the gasket is worn out, replacing the blade assembly is necessary since it includes the gasket.

Acquiring new motor components could pose a challenge as there are no authorized Nutribullet replacements available, although you might come across compatible alternatives, utilizing them would be at your own peril.

If you use non-official Nutribullet components, your warranty will become invalid.

What Should I Do If My Nutribullet Stops Working?

At some point, you may encounter a situation where you fill the food container and press the button, but there is no response, indicating that your Nutribullet blender has ceased to function.

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If your Nutribullet blender is no longer functioning or abruptly stops, it could be due to a defective power cord, a fractured cup or blade, an excessively heated motor, or the possibility of food getting stuck at the bottom of the cup and causing the blade to become jammed.

If your Nutribullet Blender fails to start, it could be due to an electrical issue. Check the power cord and plug for indications of wear, cracking, or looseness. The wiring problem may be internal.

Replacing the cord of a Nutribullet blender on your own can be hazardous and may result in electric shocks or fire since it is not replaceable, necessitating the purchase of a new blender.

One minor issue concerns the food cup, which features plastic tabs on its underside that link up with activators located on the power base’s top.

For the blender to function properly, it is necessary for the tabs to exert pressure on the activators.

Over time, the plastic tabs on the cups may become worn and potentially fracture, resulting in a lack of contact with the blade and rendering the blender inoperable, necessitating the purchase of a replacement food cup.

Occasionally, the issue may lie with the activators rather than the cup, as they can become sticky due to liquid leakage and fail to push down; in such cases, a gentle cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended.

If your Nutribullet Blender suddenly stops during blending, it could be due to overloading the cup or blending for an extended period.

If your Nutribullet Blender begins to overheat, it will automatically stop due to the presence of a sensor, even if you don’t notice any smoke or burning odor.

If your Nutribullet blender starts smoking, simply pause blending and give the motor a few minutes to cool down before resuming.

There is a chance that the blades may have something stuck in them, causing the issue. To resolve this, simply switch off the blender and utilize a spoon to remove the obstruction.

Slicing your food into tiny bits can avoid jamming.

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