What Does C1 Mean On an Instant Pot? (Fix)

Although the Instant Pot is a highly convenient device that saves a lot of time every day, it may encounter issues occasionally. Fortunately, the appliance can indicate what’s wrong by showing error codes, which can be utilized to diagnose and fix the problem more easily. In this article, we will discuss the C1 error code, its causes on your Instant Pot, and how to resolve it.

If you have attempted to clear the error code without success, don’t worry, you are not alone. This error code can occur shortly after purchasing the device or even years later, and it can be quite frustrating. I personally experienced this issue early on, which only increased my determination to find a solution.

Before we proceed to find a solution, it is important to understand what the code (C1) actually means.

When an Instant Pot shows the C1 error code, it means that the central temperature sensor of the unit cannot be detected, which is typically due to either a loose connection or a connection issue caused by spilled food or liquid that has contaminated the cooker’s connection. To resolve this problem, unplug the device and start troubleshooting.

Fixing this issue is typically straightforward and won’t demand much effort. However, I cannot guarantee that statement as there may be some cases where exceptions apply, and the tales of defective appliances that come my way never fail to surprise me.

Why Is My Instant Pot Displaying C1?

As mentioned earlier, the C1 error code is probably caused by a hardware issue, which can be intimidating to tackle without proper knowledge. It’s advisable to seek assistance from a technician to examine the appliance. Nevertheless, it’s feasible to inspect the Instant Pot’s hardware for any visible indications of damage independently.

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When the Instant Pot displays the C1 error code, it indicates that there is a defective sensor inside the device, which prevents it from functioning correctly. The purpose of an Instant Pot is to automate temperature and pressure regulation, which would otherwise require manual intervention in a traditional pressure cooker. However, if the sensors are not working correctly, this renders the Instant Pot ineffective.

Here are some steps you can take to restart your Instant Pot.

How Do I Fix The C1 Error Code On an Instant Pot?

Before starting the examination, it is advisable to verify if the appliance is still under warranty as this could cancel the warranty.

Check the Sensor’s Wiring

Examining the sensor and its wiring by accessing the Instant Pot can provide us with additional information regarding the issue at hand.

Before beginning, disconnect the appliance from the power source to avoid electric shock.

  • Take out the inner pot and lid from the Instant Pot
  • Invert the appliance
  • Remove the lower lid of the Instant Pot by turning it counterclockwise
  • Twist the plastic lid and remove it to uncover a circuit and wires beneath.
  • The center houses the temperature sensor, which is distinguishable by its white heat-resistant covering. The wiring of the temperature sensor should be connected to a white plug on the circuit board.
  • Inspect the wires for any signs of harm and ensure that they are appropriately linked.
  • Disconnect the wires from the circuit board, inspect for any food residue in the plugs, and then reconnect them.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe the interior of the Instant Pot.
  • If there is any moisture inside, either blow-dry or leave the Instant Pot to dry overnight.
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There are instances where Instant Pot users have encountered a problem and discovered that the wires were either disconnected or loosely connected to the circuit board. In such cases, connecting the white male to the white female on the circuit board should resolve the issue.

Contact Customer Support

If you find it too much of a hassle to open up your Instant Pot, then reaching out to customer support is a recommended option. It’s highly likely that Instant Pot’s customer support has dealt with numerous calls concerning these error codes and should be well-versed in addressing the issue. If your appliance is still under warranty, this would be the ideal starting point.

If you encounter the C1 error on your Instant Pot, it is likely caused by a hardware issue related to the temperature sensor. To resolve this problem, Instant Pot may either send you replacement parts or request that you send in the unit for further examination. If this issue occurred when you first started using the device or while it was still new, it could be due to a manufacturing defect.

If that happens, a replacement unit may be sent to you.

Get the Instant Pot Checked

If basic troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the problem, seeking assistance from a professional who possesses the necessary expertise to identify and rectify the issue is advisable. Such an individual can assist in identifying suitable replacement parts, inspecting the appliance for any damage, and ultimately repairing it.

Replace the Instant Pot

If you are unable to resolve the error code issue on your Instant Pot, it may be wise to consider replacing it. You could offer your current unit at a reduced price to someone who can repair it and then buy a new one for yourself. The decision of whether or not this is worthwhile depends on how long you have owned your Instant Pot. Nevertheless, I personally intend to keep mine for an extended period as I have been using it for five years.

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How Do I Reset My Instant Pot?

If you are facing issues with your Instant Pot, you can attempt to reset it by pressing and holding the Adjust button for 3 seconds while it is in Off mode. This will restore the default factory settings and overwrite any previous configurations. While this may not solve hardware-related problems, it is still a useful step to take during troubleshooting.

The process of resetting an Instant Pot can differ based on the model, so if this approach doesn’t work for your Instant Pot, it’s recommended to search for the appropriate method using Google.

Bottom Line: Error Code C1 on Instant Pot

To sum up, if your Instant Pot is showing the C1 error code, it means that either the temperature sensor is malfunctioning or cannot be recognized by the device. The solution could be as simple as adjusting the cables, but in some cases, you may need to purchase a new unit to replace the faulty one.

Although I have resolved my Instant Pot issues with the steps mentioned earlier, it is advisable to reach out to Customer Support beforehand as they might provide useful insights.

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