What To Do If Your Dishwasher Says 1H

Most contemporary dishwashers come with integrated diagnostic systems equipped with different sensors that enable your machine to identify any abnormalities.

When you try to initiate the dishwasher by pressing the ‘start’ button, and the only response is the appearance of 1H on the screen, it can be a worrisome situation.

If your dishwasher shows the code “1H,” it means that the delayed start feature has been turned on, which delays the start of the washing cycle by one hour. You can reset this function from the control panel if necessary.

If you have recently come across the 1H code, we’ve got you covered. We understand that there are a lot of different brands and models available.

This article will examine the leading brands, providing guidance on how to proceed if your dishwasher displays the error code 1H.

What Does It Mean When a Dishwasher Says 1H?

Many individuals interpret the 1H displayed on their dishwasher as an error code, but it is actually the digit “1” accompanied by the letter “H,” and typically does not indicate an error.

Typically, it blinks to indicate that the delay feature has been turned on.

If your brand is not mentioned in the list provided, it is recommended that you reach out to customer support for additional help.

GE Dishwasher Says Reset Delay Start

If your GE dishwasher displays 1H, it means that the delay function has been activated, allowing you to postpone the start of a cycle for up to nine hours; when using this function for the first time, the display will show 1H.

Upon activation, the control system will retrieve and display the previous delay setting.

If your dishwasher displays 1H, it means that there is a delay start setting of one hour, which implies that you have to wait for an hour after pressing the START button for the machine to begin.

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How to Fix It

To fix the issue, attempt to reset the control board. The following steps can be taken:

  1. Press the START button
  2. To resolve the issue of a dishwasher displaying 1H, opt for the Clear Delay Start Program feature and if the start button fails to initiate the process, wait for an hour to check if it starts while resetting the delay start function.

If you have a newer model and want to start the cycle right away, press START/RESUME to cancel the delay. Alternatively, you can choose CANCEL/DRAIN to stop both the delay and cycle altogether.

EdgeStar Dishwasher Says Check Control Board

According to some users, their EdgeStar dishwasher exhibits a behavior where it turns on and off, shows H:01, counts up to H:24, and then either restarts the count or shuts down.

It is a frequent occurrence when the control or keypad’s key switch lines get stuck or experience a short circuit.

How to Fix It

To determine if the keypad or control is faulty, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Shut down the dishwasher and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.
  2. Get rid of any water inside the drum.
  3. Open the door.
  4. To resolve the 1H error message on your dishwasher, first, open the console and disconnect the keypad ribbon from the control board while ensuring that all other connections are accurate.
  5. Install a new console and keep the dishwasher door open.
  6. Connect the dishwasher to a power source and activate it.
  7. Wait for 5 seconds before shutting the door.
  8. Take note of the response from the control board. If there are no more shorts with the keypad unplugged, it will activate a Drain Motor for 2 minutes indicating that it is in good working condition. However, if there are still shorts visible even with the keypad unplugged, the drain motor will not respond and the dishwasher will remain turned off due to malfunctioning control.

  1. Verify if the control is functioning correctly, and if it is, proceed to examine and substitute the keypad.

Samsung Dishwasher Says Check Heating Components

If your dishwasher was manufactured prior to 2007, it might display flashing lights instead of a 1H alert since Samsung dishwashers did not have an LED display during that time.

If your dishwasher displays the code 1H, it means that the water is being heated too rapidly, as evidenced by the heater reaching 40ºC in under two minutes.

1H on your dishwasher display suggests an issue with the heating element or related parts.

It is also possible that there could be a wire break between the heating element and the control module.

The heating element may malfunction due to poor quality components, unfavorable operating conditions, and low-quality water.

To resolve the issue of a dishwasher displaying 1H, it is necessary to substitute the heating element or any defective parts, which can be found situated at the base of the dishwasher’s tub.

Thermistor, which is a temperature sensor, should also be taken into account. If it malfunctions, the heating element will work at its maximum capacity because the thermistor cannot control the dishwasher’s temperature, resulting in overheated water.

How to Fix It

Regrettably, it is not possible to repair the heating element. The following steps can be taken to check its functionality:

  1. Disconnect the dishwasher from both the electrical outlet and the water source.
  2. Take out the garbage filter and switch off the sprinkler.
  3. Flip the appliance upside down and loosen the lateral clasps.
  4. Detach the branch pipe and gently raise the bottom of the dishwasher to access the heating element block.

  5. Detach the heating element from its wires, eliminate any dirt or debris from its connections, and assess it using a multimeter. Remember to record its resistance at normal temperature, which should be within the 20-60 KOHM range.
  6. To resolve the issue of a malfunctioning element, it is recommended to substitute it with a brand new one.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Says Check Water Level Sensor

If your Hotpoint dishwasher is indicating 1H, it is possible that the water measurement module is defective and causing water to enter the tub when you initiate the cycle.

However, it halts and exhibits the 1H notification after a minute or two.

Dishwashers do not get filled with water entirely; only a small reservoir at the bottom gets filled. When the water level increases, it raises the float.

If the float gets jammed and cannot move up, it will not trigger the float switch, which can result in your dishwasher overflowing.

How to Fix It

To ensure that the sensor is functioning correctly, you can use a multimeter to test it.

Maytag Dishwasher Says Check Water

If your Maytag dishwasher displays a 1H notification, it may indicate a problem with water flow as there is no water entering the tub even after initiating the cycle.

How to Fix It

Verify that the dishwasher‘s water supply is turned on and make sure that the water supply hose is not twisted and the inlet valve is not obstructed.

Once the water supply is restored, press the start button to allow the dishwasher to refill and continue the cycle.

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