Why is My Oven Making a Clicking Noise? (You can make it stop)

Many of us have likely heard the clicking noise from our ovens for years without considering its meaning, assuming that everything is functioning properly and our dishes are being cooked perfectly.

When an oven switches between the bake and broil elements to regulate its temperature, it produces clicking noises due to the control relay cycling. However, if the relays lose power and turn back on, this can also cause clicking noises, indicating a loose connection. Although not necessarily hazardous, it is advisable to have your oven inspected if it consistently produces clicking sounds.

Even older models of ovens may not produce as loud a clicking sound as some newer models, which can make the noise more noticeable to you.

Despite the unusual sound of the clicking, it typically does not signify any issues with your oven; instead, it could suggest that the oven is operating correctly.

During my investigation, I discovered that there are several possible causes for the clicking noise. It is essential to examine each cause separately and determine the appropriate action to take.

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Should My Oven Make a Clicking Noise?

Every oven does not operate in the same manner. There are various kinds of ovens and due to this, there are also different types of mechanics or electronics at work behind the scenes. Some of the more common ovens are either gas or electric models.

When it comes to ovens, gas ones rely on igniters to light up the oven and burners, while electric ovens use wire elements that begin distributing heat once the temperature is set and the oven is turned on.

The clicking noise can be caused by either of these situations, which may occur in different circumstances and for various reasons, but the sound remains the same.

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When a gas oven is ignited, the igniter produces a spark to light the burner, making a clicking noise. This sound should cease as soon as the burner or oven is lit, so if you’re hearing this type of clicking, it’s time to take action and make it stop.

Nevertheless, the initial clicks that a gas oven produces during its start-up process usually do not cause concern or prompt questioning from most individuals.

My assumption is that the clicking noise produced when you ignite the burner is not the concerning noise that requires attention, as it does not occur randomly or persist for an extended period.

If the clicking noise persists, occurs unpredictably, or continues even after turning off the oven, you might have noticed that something is not quite right.

The clicking noise from your oven may persist due to the following reasons:

  • Excessive moisture can be a reason for your oven making clicking noises, as it may cause the igniter to repeatedly click. This is a common issue that can even occur when the oven is turned off, but fortunately, it usually doesn’t need a complicated fix.

To eliminate moisture causing the clicking noise in your oven, you can either heat the top burners or the oven until all moisture has evaporated, or unplug the oven and allow it to dry completely.

  • The control relays are switching between elements: There are bake and broil elements in an oven. The broil setting will only activate the upper element and leave the bottom one off, while the bake setting will heat both the upper and lower element to spread out the heat. As the control relay switches between these elements, a clicking noise is produced and that is likely what you are hearing if your oven makes a noise during use.
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Temperature can be regulated and maintained by turning the elements on and off as needed.

When the elements are turned on and off, they produce a clicking sound that could be the source of your heat. However, if this noise becomes excessive and occurs randomly with a high frequency, it is possible that you have a defective mainboard or loose connections.

  • If the stove has not been used for some time: The oven or stove may produce additional clicking sounds because it takes a while for the air to clear from the pipes, allowing gas delivery to ignite the burners.

To stop the clicking noise in your oven, turn on the ignition and wait for 30 seconds. In case it’s not turned on, switch it off, wait for a minute, and then restart it to get the gas flowing and reduce the clicking sound.

  • A possible cause of the clicking noise is a stuck ignition switch: If the switch that starts the oven’s ignition is stuck, it can disable the function entirely, and it is recommended to contact an authorized expert to inspect it.

Why Is My Oven Clicking When It’s Turned Off?

As previously stated, the clicking noise that emanates from the oven is not necessarily limited to when it is in use or turned on; there are instances where the oven continues to produce the same sound even when it is switched off.

Experiencing a clicking noise from the oven can cause worry and frustration.

As a resident of a two-story house with the kitchen on the bottom floor and the bedroom on the top floor, I used to prepare meals in the evening and struggle to sleep a few hours later.

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During a brief and concentrated timeframe, my oven would commence producing clicking noises at approximately the same time I was preparing to retire for the night.

Initially, I assumed that I had left the oven on, prompting me to leave my bed and check the kitchen, but to my surprise, the oven was switched off while still producing a clicking sound.

Despite this, I would still go downstairs every time the oven made a clicking noise because I was aware of the cautionary tale of the boy who cried wolf and did not want to risk a potential house fire.

After conducting research, I discovered that the clicking was caused by moisture. To resolve the issue, I operated the oven without any contents for a few hours and allowed it to dry overnight.

After a week, the burner ignition of my oven started making a clicking sound followed by silence. Whenever I hear the clicking noise now, I am aware of what needs to be done.

Can an Oven Making Clicking Noises Indicate Danger?

It is not hazardous if your oven produces clicking sounds. The igniter may create 3-5 clicking noises to initiate the burner.

Nevertheless, if the clicking sound appears unusual, it is advisable to reach out to the manufacturer for your safety and to resolve any issues with the oven.

With so many different types of ovens available, it can be difficult to provide universal safety guidelines, so it’s best to reach out to the manufacturer for assistance since they are likely the most knowledgeable about their specific model’s mechanics and potential malfunctions.

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